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US long distance carriers often change the rates they charge their customers, both business and personal. Many advertise low rates on TV, but, once their customers have settled in, quietly raise their rates within a few months. It is, therefore, important to compare their rates on a regular basis, and switch carriers as necessary.

One way to accomplish that is by coming back to this web site regularly. It is, however, much simpler to download the free Phone Cowboy software and automate the whole process.

You should run this software at least every 3-4 months to stay ahead of the long distance rate game.

The use of the free Phone Cowboy US long distance rate comparison software is very simple. Just fill in your area code and the first three digits of your phone number. Then fill in the number of minutes on out-of-state calls you make in a typical month. Do the same for in-state calls.

Click SEARCH, and you are ready to compare: Your system will load your web browser, connect to the Internet (unless you already are connected), and send you to the correct Internet site which will perform the comparison for you.

Here is an example:

Suppose you live in Pittsburgh, so your area code is 412. Enter it first. Suppose further your phone number is 531-2135. Enter 531 next. You can ignore the 2135 part: Phone Cowboy does not need it.

Now suppose you make about 90 minutes (an hour and a half) of calls outside Pennsylvania (the State Pittsburgh is in). Enter 90 in the “out-of-state” field.

Finally suppose you make about four hours worth of calls within Pennsylvania. That is 240 minutes. Enter 240 in the “in-state” field.

Click SEARCH to perform the comparison.

You may play with it: Try different minute counts, including zeros (will you be charged while on vacation?).

Please note that if you leave the number of minutes fields empty, Phone Cowboy will assume zero. However, Phone Cowboy does need to know your 3–digit area code and the first three digits of your phone number to offer any meaningful rate comparison.

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Remember, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all long distance program. Which program is best for you depends on:


You can download the software from here. This software is free for you to use, compliments of You may also give it to your friends, business associates, or anyone else.

Current version of the software is 1.0. You can always come back and check here if a newer version exists.

System Requirements

The free Phone Cowboy US Long Distance Rate Comparison software requires a computer running Windows 95 or later, with a web browser and Internet connection. The Internet connection is necessary because long distance rates change so frequently. It would, therefore, be pointless to hard–code the rates in the software: The free Phone Cowboy US Long Distance Rate Comparison software looks up the rates on the Internet every time you search.

There are no special memory requirements to run this software: If your system can run your browser, it has enough memory.

To install the software, simply download setup.exe (351KB) and run it.

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